We work with individuals and families to help them get the most out of their charitable giving. Here are five examples.



When Randy and Jackie Thompson of Emerson, Georgia sold Thompson Honda in 2006, they were able to offset a portion of their capital gains tax liability by establishing the Thompson Family Donor Advised Fund. Since that time, the Thompsons have awarded thousands of dollars in grants to charities and programs that inspire them.

“I want my granddaughter, Maddie Grace, to be charitable during her lifetime,” Randy says. “And the best way to teach her the importance of giving back is for her to see me and Jackie being involved in the community and giving to causes we care about.”


Jeanne and Liz EDIT.png

Ninety-three-year-old Jeanne Burr and her son, Jeff, walked into the Foundation office in December of 2016 and wanted to do something big for the community. After some discussion, the staff proposed building a performing arts park in Downtown Dalton. And that's how it started - with a charitable inclination and an idea. Burr Performing Arts Park opened in the spring of 2018 at the site of the old Lee Printing building in Dalton. 

Click here to watch a video that describes working with Jeanne Burr on her legacy project.


The Blackmans.JPG

Linda Blackman made a charitable gift in recognition of her husband’s birthday while helping a local historical site preserve two important historical artifacts.

Instead of buying Bill a new pair of shoes or a fishing rod, Linda awarded a grant from her Donor Advised Fund to commission the restoration and preservation of two rare letters written by General Robert E. Lee during he Civil War (one of which is a copy of the official surrender letter - General Order No. 9). The letters were the focal point of a public reception recognizing Bill Blackman on his birthday and recognizing his passion for Civil War history and memorabilia - a perfect gift.

“Charitable gifts are a great way to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and important events,” says David Aft, President of the Community Foundation. “We can work with you to identify projects or giving opportunities that reflect a person’s particular interests or passions.”



When Tommy and Mary Lynn Crider sold their floral business, they created a Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation - a safe, temporary place to park their charitable assets, while offering them the greatest possible tax advantage, and giving them more time to choose a beneficiary or project.

Years later, the Criders witnessed a group of people holding a worship service under a tree in Nicaragua and chose to use a significant portion of their Fund to help build The River of Life Baptist Church for the congregation. The Criders not only satisfied the IRS by making a timely and deductible gift to the Foundation, but establishing their Fund gave them time to consider several giving opportunities before making a decision.



In the wake of 18-year-old Christian Bryant’s passing, her parents, Chris and Robyn Bryant established the Christian Bryant Foundation Fund at the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia to assist families of children in the greater Chattanooga and Northwest Georgia communities who are facing catastrophic illnesses. Funds donated in Christian’s name are deposited directly into the fund, and the family members award grants to eligible organizations that align with their mission. To date, the commemorative fund has awarded over $168,000 in grants.

Commemorative and Memorial Funds are a wonderful way to honor those who mean, or have meant, the most in our lives. These special funds can be created to pay tribute to a loved one, and in addition to the charitable impact, they offer the added bonus of perpetuating, ad infinitum, the memory of someone you hold dear.

“They aren’t just to honor the lives of people who have passed away,” says David Aft, President of the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia. “You can use them to honor a living person or commemorate an anniversary or special event.”

For more information, contact David Aft at (706) 275-9117 or send him an email message by clicking here.