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Elevator Pitch


People often ask me, "What does the Community Foundation do?"

We do a lot, and the answer is not easily condensed down to one or two easy-to-understand sentences. So I tend to use examples of our work to demonstrate who we are and what we do. 

For example, our Foundation is a champion for literacy in Bartow County where we've awarded grants to purchase a book mobile and support book programs for young children living in low-income neighborhoods. Our Foundation awarded significant grants to help build both the Harris Radiation Therapy Center and the Calhoun Aquatic Center in Gordon County, and we will soon tackle the community-wide hunger problem. In Whitfield County, our Foundation is working with a local philanthropist to build a performing arts park in downtown Dalton.

Again, we do a lot.

Through our work with local nonprofit organizations, we often advise them to formulate an elevator pitch -  a brief, persuasive speech designed to spark interest in what the organization does in just a minute or two. But we, too, needed an elevator pitch.

We designed a 1-minute animated video to help explain our work.

Please take 60 seconds and watch our video and let us know what you think.

David Aft is the president of the Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia. He has worked in the nonprofit field for over twenty-five years and is a recognized resource and noted speaker on charitable enterprise, civics, fundraising strategy and community development.

1 Comment