Early Childhood Initiative


We have reached a critical point

Did you know that 64% of Georgia’s children are not reading proficiently by the end of third grade? The same is true for the children growing up in our Northwest Georgia communities.

Third grade is the turning point when children shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Children unable to make this transition face severe barriers for future learning, because they can’t fully grasp printed lessons and textbooks including math, science, history, and English. As a result, underperforming kids fall further and further behind.

It’s time to turn this statistic around. It’s time to make literacy a top priority for all communities across our region. Please join us in our mission.

For more information, call Suzanne Harbin at (706) 275-9117.

Our Mission

To convene and collaborate with organizations and groups to improve school readiness among children of Northwest Georgia and put them on a pathway to successful reading by third grade.

Our Goals

  1. To improve school readiness for children living in Northwest Georgia

  2. To put children on the pathway to successful reading by third grade

Our Priorities

  1. Ensure that all children have access to quality childcare

  2. Ensure that all children have access to healthcare and screenings

  3. Ensure that all children have access to extracurricular learning opportunities